A simple spiritual observation.

This is a really simple spiritual observation that I am recording just as much for my sake as for yours.

There is a video blogger I watch that says when he hears men saying that they commune with God, he thinks they are phoney. I don’t feel that way. I don’t think we always know what genuine communication with god is. But I do believe men can feel and say when they have had divine guidance.

Anyways, anti-climatically the reason I am telling you that is because this little snippet didn’t really feel to me like it was a great God download or anything like that. It is like I just figured it out one day.

A lot of people contemplate on escaping the cube etc. These saturnian concepts are dealt with in a lot of films. But I would suggest that they erect a lot of bullshit over and above what gods intention for us is with relation to these concepts.

But before I get to the simple snippet of wisdom I often say to myself you don’t have to be a perfect saint to disrupt Satans Kingdom. If you just go through life with the intention of doing good works you will blow your mind with the extent of the dark forces you come up against.

So the wisdom is this. Its this simple.

“If it’s not of Christ, it’s of Saturn.”¬†

That was the wisdom that came to me after long reflection on these topics. So when we talk about numerological encoded¬† gateways to Saturn that exist everywhere, when everything seems like Saturn. That’s where that wisdom kicks in. You don’t need to spot every gateway.¬† I’ve dodged so many in my days just by having the right intent and intuition. But all you have to know is that if its not of christ, its of Saturn. Or maybe worse. Babylon. So thats where spotting those gateways helps. And trust me. You want to be choosing more Christ than Saturn in your days. I’ll get to the detail on that some other time.

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