A Confession + A Secret – Decoding The Most Used Masonic Hand Sign (It’s Bout a Big Pair of Norks)

I don’t think you are really meant to confess things or pray publicly.

It’s a vanity that Christians Kind of see as a public display of faith that is more vein than Holy.

But anyways I figure I can make the confessional a format and maybe some people can learn a bit about atonement.

Im going to be squeezing a lot into this post. Apologies.

So My Confession first. I don’t know the Jesus Story that well. That hasn’t been my focus on the bible story. I think The truth about Christianity is that the reason people are considered ‘Jesus Freaks’ – Is because there has been an unbalanced focus on Jesus. People would tell you that humanity has been imbalanced in-terms of its use of Masculine / feminine energies. We have been led by a Generation of Manly Meat Heads. Well that imbalance plays out in terms of the Christian Narrative and Jesus. So thats my confession. I don’t know the Jesus story that well. And I am apologetic for that. I should invest more time. I have decided my next bible study will be Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Ok. Now A secret. One of the Big Secrets that Masonry holds I believe is relating to the power, importance and mystery of Mary. So those spiritualist you know the Crazy women that travel to Bali for “Goddess” Retreats. Well they are not all together crazy because yes Understanding the feminine aspect of deity is one of the big secrets. Funnily Enough if you have travelled to a nations like Nepal. They have a Ceremony that Venerates the Kumari. Which is a Nepali Lolita 🙂 When you Study the Kumari you find yourself studying the veneration and teaching of the Mary – the divine feminine. So we live in completely different cultures, Completely different life style. But our spiritual elders are trying to teach us all the same things through ceremony, ritual, religion and spirituality. So one of the big masonic secrets is the Mary Matters. Just as much as Jesus.

Now for the Norks. You can see the Mason Hand Sign that is surely the most commonly used Masonic Hand Sign. You see men use this EVERYWHERE. And Yes It looks like an M. So the M can mean Mason. Obviously. If someone throws up an M they are telling you they are a Mason or practicing Masonry. But It goes a little deeper than That. The Hebrew word for Venus, one of the greatest symbols or Representations of the Divine Feminine is EL Shaddai. Shad is the Hebrew word for Breasts. Norks. Titties. Sweeeeeeetttt Sweeeeeeeeeeet Mothers Milk. I don’t like using the word Hebrew any more. Im going to start referring more to like ‘Old Words’. Which really derived from a variety of cultures. Hebrew, Greek, Phoenician, Vedic, Aramaic, Maseoretic —It’s really broad. There is a lot of power in knowing and using the Old language principals properly. So the M sigh is like a Mountain. El Shaddai can also be a reference to like the God of the Mountains. Twin Peaks. Titties. Norks. Bazoombas. You get it. This concept of Venus is complex but one dimension of it is loving, caring and compassion.

Thats it guys. Hope it was helpful. Now that if you be throwing up some M’s you know a bit more about what you are saying and what your purpose here is about.

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