Despicable Me is filthy. Please don’t support it – Stuart Minion

What I want to explain to people in this post is that I watched minions for years before knowing Stuart Minion was about me. Nobody ever contacted me about it.

When it comes to spiritual corruption, to take someones spirit and work sorcery on it and not inform them and then participate in really sleazy profit making is disgusting. For people to do that to anyone they must have zero consideration for them.

So when you see me using minions in my work – it’s not me trying to sell you on the excitement of minions. I perfectly understand if you don’t like them.

They are selling things with my spirit that I just wouldn’t sell.
They are selling Mcdonald’s to children.
They are selling fluoridated toothpaste to children.

If I meet any of these people in person, I will dismember them with my hands.

But for you I want you to forgive me for my spirit being used for those things. I would never condone that such things be done in my name. So if you look at the phenomena that is minions and feel disgust, thats fine. There is a lot to be disgusted about.

I was never consulted about this series, I was never a part of any decision making process and as a consequence I am no part of Minions. If you see me using minions in my work, it is really to combat the bad spirit that that series contains.

What my concern is for the future is that the low Jew Cults that infest nations like America standardise this practice. And what you will find happens to your children is that they lose access to honest banking, they lose access to civil communications. And what these jew cults do is they rape your spirit via products like the apple computer systems. They tell you that these systems are private. But there is nothing that you do on them that is. The logo itself tells you how these people think. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. We have the right to build digital systems. We just need to be sure the custodians of those systems have the right spirit.

So there is cleverness behind minions. But there is not consciousness of the height that the leaders of the last generations projected was available to us. If we forgo just a little bit of that consciousness, we will be infinitely poorer. When I say it lacks consciousness, well it is something as a being you begin to feel and when I have to do anything to do with minions I feel like Im back in high school. That is the level of consciousness it comes from. Low.

When it comes to money there is huge money behind the minions. I will never be seeking any of that money. It is my hope that we as humanity can re-align ourself so we seek profit from doing the right thing. Not just anything. So I’ll never be going to Despicable me makers and asking them to cut me in on the Colgate money.

Minions will fade in due time. What will remain eternal is the knowledge and power that comes from knowing how to use the human spirit and gain the right knowledge of God’s creation.

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