On Launching Decoded Light

The first thing I want to say about launching decoded light is that it is not a response to censorship.

I have just had my first instagram post censored which I will be posting here soon.

I have been planning this project for a long time. Most days when I wake up I go to work. As it turns out that work has turned into decoding and image making. Although I have enjoyed posting to instagram I have felt that what I am outputting is my own unique format. Most of my creative energy is going to be going into this site and our own network going forward. That will remove the chance of censorship and create opportunities for monetisation that giving energy over to other platforms doesn’t.

Some features that decoded light will include

  • A Decoding Stream – Video, Image and Custom
  • A Video Teaching Gallery
  • No Copyright or Censorship of Decodes from films that include Gnostic / Masonic Symbology

Our first decodes will be published soon including a recently censored post and the meaning behind it.

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