Choosing the Right Light Matters.

When you decode light you become sensitive to it.

I find it really funny when I see people who have like a ‘Photographer’ working for them. This is similar to what actors go through their whole life. What a lot of them don’t see is that the person looking through the lens is working sinister magic. Usually anti biblical magic. You see this everywhere. People posing with no idea of the context around them.

Well its the same with light and what you choose to indulge in. If I just said ‘despicable me is great’ – then thats what I get. You get what you choose.

What despicable me do to me is take my spirit and ridicule it. You can’t really stop people from doing that. I have a sense of humour. But what I found with very little searching on despicable me is super mean spirit. Super mean intent toward me. I just kind of went ‘Woah’ who ever is behind this is nasty. And you don’t want to blindly embrace the wrong light. What the cults do is they shove it in your face aggressively. They are goons. Thugs. That’s who runs earth. But as long as you have rejected it you can remain strong.

So when it comes to life…..I……we have a plethora of choices. What I have found lately is that spiritually severing myself from bad light completely. As in just making the conscious decision. Maybe that is a sign that there is an acceleration in consciousness happening. And there is heaps of good light coming through. When it comes to movies there is bright light on the horizon. There are movies that I have watched a bunch of times and am just scraping the surface of decoding. Young producers that probably see a light that is completely different from these old shills that serve the low born jew mason cult. They don’t want to lose their HIV murder money.

I hope that we as humanity get to the point where we do the right things with light. People learn a bit about film making and then they go wielding political power. I don’t seek power. I think what you will see coming from my humble pictures and decodes will be a lot different that what these people are trying to accomplish. But as far as despicable me goes – wrong light – wrong vision – wrong intent.

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