People. My Name is Stuart the Christian.

Time Check.

Long Winter. Broken.

Some time ago now. I entered the corridors at the end of time. I passed judgment against Earths Judeo Masonic Orders. They were found to have acted under the level of spirit acceptable to the traditional inhabitants of these lands. They were found to be upholding an intentional hermetic curse over our nations and over our nations people. All light associated with the Ashkenazi and Noahide Cursing will be removed from our lands. Our lands will be returned to a level of spirit fit to sustain our lives and our futures.

At that time I gave my own blood as a selfless sacrifice for the sake of bringing forward heaven on Earth.

You people have been living in the bondage of ignorance. Bound by Money and Time. And I give my own blood to release you from that bondage. Are you worth it? I don’t think i’m certain.

The people of the State of Israel and Jewish people around the world have been called to begin an 1000 year period of atonement. The period will allow them to demonstrate that they are capable of living amongst our people.

Black. On Black. On Black.

That’s a lot Blackness.

There is still a long climb ahead.

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