Jewish American Medical Corporations

Do you Support Universal Compulsory Gender Transition Surgery??? —— Let me give that one some thought…SIR. 

The Long Winter Has Broken

And people from all across the lands of earth have been called to spill their blood over their divine intent and confirm their intention to bring forward heaven on earth. The Long Winter Has Broken. And the souls of those entrusted with the leadership of humanity have been weighed. The Long Winter Has Broken and those entrusted with the leadership of humanity HAVE NOT. PASSED. THEIR. JUDGEMENT.

June 23 2019

You Could Sell Chemotherapeutics to HIV Patients.

We will definitely look into that!

This is an image that we had censored on Instagram. I haven’t really had a lot of censorship but every day when I watch youtube people are complaining about it so it exists.

Our comments on HIV and Chemotherapeutics are not out of place. There is much debate about the validity and accuracy of HIV tests and the diagnosis of HIV Aids fullstop. When the debate or lack of clarity begins at the Diagnosis, yes there is room for debate or scepticism when it comes to prescription of Medications.

Sometimes I like to take a joke from a movie or cartoon and impress my own thought over it as a Joke. If you study Gnostic masonic Symbology you should try the same yourself. Its fun.