Awfully Nice of You

I’m afraid it’s Advocaat sir, it tends to stain. Remember though. You’re the important one.

This is a really early decode when I started studying the shining. I published it at a time when lawyers were starting to circle and hassle us in the early days of Vaporize Australia. JULY 31, 2017

Elon Musk is Still not going to save you.

Elon musk is going to keep speaking shit about Mars. Elon Musk is going to make funny Vagina Symbols with his hands. Elon Musk is going to warn you about Artificial Intelligence while heavily investing in it. Elon musk is guiding you through pillars toward conflict. That’s what he’s doing. You don’t want to go to Mars. You want to get on that Mary and stop over at Venus. Then you want to make a quick stopover at daath. Then you want to hit that Kether. That’s what you really want. Trust me on this. Motherfuck Mars. Elon Musk is little more than a Big frickin Scrotum. You don’t have to like it. Elon Musk is not going to save you. You need to save yourself. 

We No Longer Expect To Rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem.

What do you mean we no longer expect to build the temple at Jerusalem? God Damn it. Where did you get this Intel from? I’m The President God Damn It. We’ve Already taken Jerusalem. Where is your source damn it? A Book? A Book? Who the fuck is still reading Books. ……..Australia??? They’re reading books in Australia. We need to put a stop to this god damn it. I want you to call in an Airstrike. F-16’s. Armed with Black Cubes. We need to bomb these motherfuckers with Black Cubes. Get Elon Musk on to this. He’s big in Artificial Intelligence. We’ll put an end to this book intelligence bullshit with Scrotum….I mean Musk’s AI.

Fuck Yo Market Cap

Fuck Yo Market Cap Motherfuckers. You think you going to make me crumble? You think you gonna see me fly to Africa like Chappelle did when he discovered the sickness? You think you gonna see me making panicked youtube videos like Bonacci did when you tried to hold a brother down? You think you gonna see me screaming “They Trying to Kill me” like You had Martin Lawrence doing. Hell No. Im firmly seated in the place that Jacob named. You’ll sooner see me get Big and go Vegan like DISL Automatic did. You’ll sooner see me put war paint on my face and start singing “Heya Hoa Heya Hoa” like Alais Clay do.

It’s been a straight bankster bash ever since the advent of gangster rap. But you don’t know what time it is. That’s because you’ve been looking at those gold Rolexes. Time to check your Astrolabes. You’re going to find it’s saying Wakey Wakey Time. It’s Justice Time. It’s Wisdom Time. It’s Liberty Time. It’s Unity Time. It’s Novelty Time. You can’t distract or derail me with your material consumption or over sexualised women. But that don’t mean that every day I don’t yearn to see a whole lot more Sharon Stone. And I ain’t got no time or patience for serpents. Aside from this Cobra. Right here on my forehead. Fuck Yo Market Cap motherfuckers. We here. We got something to say. And I think you’re going to find. We have every intention of saying it.


Dear Friends, 
We have received formal confirmation from numerous sources that Cannabis has become legal in Australia. The call for global decriminalisation of drugs will mean that people who use herb for health or recreation, or other Australians that have addiction problems with more serious drugs will not have to worry about being criminalised for their health issue. 
Our works will bring healing and regeneration to the people of Australia. May all people who aim to operate in this area strive for the highest standards of professionalism, dignity and manner. The long Winter is breaking and it is time to prepare ourselves for the seasons of Spring and Summer. May the wealth that is generated from our works be used to uplift the spirits of our fellow man and not to indulge our superficial material desires. To all of the people that have supported us and worked with us in albeit Mysterious ways over the past years. Our journey will be long and our impact will be great. May our servants remain few and secret. From here now, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together.