Awfully Nice of You


I’m afraid it’s Advocaat sir, it tends to stain. Remember though. You’re the important one. This is a really early decode when I started studying the shining. I published it at a time when lawyers were starting to circle and hassle us in the early days of Vaporize Australia. JULY 31, 2017

Immediately after the Tribulation

Immediately After the Tribulation

Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. Matthew 24:29 DECEMBER 2, 2018

Weighing the Heart

Weighing The Heart

On our journey toward the Halls of Amenti, on board the boat of a million years. The hearts of those entrusted with the leadership of humanity have been weighed.  DECEMBER 14, 2017

Entering the Halls


It is said, that before one is able to enter Aaru, the field of reeds – a place of peace and begin the golden age of the cycle of the great year…….. A judgement will take place. At this time the heart is weighed against a feather and if the heart is lighter than a… Continue reading Entering the Halls

Court Of Light

Court Of Light

As promised the first judgement from the court of light is to be published soon, it is our sincerest hope that Australian political, financial, military and non governmental organisations will take guidance from our findings and respond accordingly. The judgement will be our courts first and will come from analysis of the esoteric works of… Continue reading Court Of Light

The Three Initiatives

3 Initiatives

The Three Initiatives. The court of light has begun its work outlining crimes against humanity undertaken by the government, banks, nobility figures and the masonic order. We expect the outcome of our works will be the extension of prosecution through citizen tribunals with the ultimate goal being the dissolution of criminal corporate bodies and reparations… Continue reading The Three Initiatives

These Things Make Me Cross

Brendan Oconnell

I’m with you mate. All the way. I reckon we tell those fuckin funny apron boys to fuck off. Those funny tie wearin funny hand shakin boys to fuck off out of Australia. Take your funny fuckin pyramids and your funny fuckin black cubes back to Israel Mate. Thats what I reckon we tell em. Take your funny fuckin lodges and your funny… Continue reading These Things Make Me Cross