Awfully Nice of You

I’m afraid it’s Advocaat sir, it tends to stain. Remember though. You’re the important one.

This is a really early decode when I started studying the shining. I published it at a time when lawyers were starting to circle and hassle us in the early days of Vaporize Australia. JULY 31, 2017

100% Compliant

For the record let it be known that this shifty motherfucker. Remained 100% Compliant. Nice Crossed arms black cube boy. When he is not filtering social communications, he is part of australis genocidal criminal finance establishment.  Soon we will be publishing an article on the Mafia of criminals that control online payments in Australia and making suggestions of how you can avoid dealing with these people.

Heavy Heart

The court of light has concluded research sufficient enough to allow us to deliver our first judgement. Full findings, recommendations and future focus will be published on December 21st at 3:30.

DECEMBER 16, 2017

Noam Chumpsky.

If I had just one question for Mr Chumpsky it would be. “Dear Mr Chumpsky. To what extent is your continual promotion of Nuclear War as a likely outcome for humanity an aspect of your commitment to uphold Judeo Masonic Taxation Fraud?”

The Situation.

The situation is pretty dire. 
They’re here to take our Holy Empire. 
Our ancient craft has been defiled. 
I know exactly how this lodge was tyled. 
With Jews pushing their fraud and vice.
And acts of human sacrifice. 
Their modus op is hella dodge.
To serve you up a bunch of stodge
Cooked up in their Masonic Lodge
To give your brain a jolly rodge. 
They’re all a bunch of fuckin sooks. 
Who’ll cast your way some sideways looks.
When we say straight with no lines nor hooks.
Those were jewish crimes by jewish crooks. 
And now we can see through their con. 
They reaching out to say Shalom. 
Then trying to run another one. 
And you Scottish Rite masons are all a big fuckin disgrace. 
All you learned to do was to hide your hands and lie through your fuckin face. 

JULY 12, 2018

Fuck Yo Market Cap

Fuck Yo Market Cap Motherfuckers. You think you going to make me crumble? You think you gonna see me fly to Africa like Chappelle did when he discovered the sickness? You think you gonna see me making panicked youtube videos like Bonacci did when you tried to hold a brother down? You think you gonna see me screaming “They Trying to Kill me” like You had Martin Lawrence doing. Hell No. Im firmly seated in the place that Jacob named. You’ll sooner see me get Big and go Vegan like DISL Automatic did. You’ll sooner see me put war paint on my face and start singing “Heya Hoa Heya Hoa” like Alais Clay do.

It’s been a straight bankster bash ever since the advent of gangster rap. But you don’t know what time it is. That’s because you’ve been looking at those gold Rolexes. Time to check your Astrolabes. You’re going to find it’s saying Wakey Wakey Time. It’s Justice Time. It’s Wisdom Time. It’s Liberty Time. It’s Unity Time. It’s Novelty Time. You can’t distract or derail me with your material consumption or over sexualised women. But that don’t mean that every day I don’t yearn to see a whole lot more Sharon Stone. And I ain’t got no time or patience for serpents. Aside from this Cobra. Right here on my forehead. Fuck Yo Market Cap motherfuckers. We here. We got something to say. And I think you’re going to find. We have every intention of saying it.