Blood Betrayal

Sometimes you think you’ve found someone that has been working in the background to big you up. But what they are really doing is trying to hold you down. These men flagrantly steal from their own blood. And then betray their own bloods word. And do so for the sake of themselves. My gift to the people of France and the Americas is that all that these men have profited from their mediocre works now belongs to you. That includes money of the corporations, actors and producers. I Encourage you to take your share in your own style. If these men were so bright they wouldn’t be stealing Kubrick material. They evidently don’t respect me. I don’t think they are luminous or their goal is lumination. Their Tribulations are only about to Begin.

Jewish American Medical Corporations

Do you Support Universal Compulsory Gender Transition Surgery??? —— Let me give that one some thought…SIR.