Modern Freemasonry Is a Dummy Factory.

This is a quote ….or a near enough quote from Greg Hallett, and if you observe the practice of most people supposedly involved in Masonry in Australia it is a shit show. Lying through their teeth, propping up corporate fraud, and deception. If someone tells you they are a Mason, it means nothing. You know a real Mason when you see one. Your heart will tell you how they are living and how they are conducting themselves.

United in Corruption.

Lucy, I do not wish to take any more calls from your organisation or associates of your organisation either Trying to get me compliant with the state of Israel, or threatening our reputation. I suggest you learn to mind your own business by minding your own business. Your track record is fishy sweet heart. You are in bed with every Bent politician, corrupt government and criminal police state that one can name. You are no doubt the biggest impediments to progress in the country and a PR Front for criminals. If you want to make progress, think before you act. Things would have been different for Daniel if your husband did not partake in murder. But you partook in murder and violence and you paid the price. Like I said think before you act and you will see an improvement in the situation. But you have to know, and think before you take action, not just jump from one ignorance to the next. Israel is run by criminals and liars honey and you are in bed with them. You cant have justice unless you have justice for all. So get some balls and start speaking out from the ground up and put Australia and Australians First.

We No Longer Expect To Rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem.

What do you mean we no longer expect to build the temple at Jerusalem? God Damn it. Where did you get this Intel from? I’m The President God Damn It. We’ve Already taken Jerusalem. Where is your source damn it? A Book? A Book? Who the fuck is still reading Books. ……..Australia??? They’re reading books in Australia. We need to put a stop to this god damn it. I want you to call in an Airstrike. F-16’s. Armed with Black Cubes. We need to bomb these motherfuckers with Black Cubes. Get Elon Musk on to this. He’s big in Artificial Intelligence. We’ll put an end to this book intelligence bullshit with Scrotum….I mean Musk’s AI.