Synopsis Decode

This is my first Synopsis Level Decode. A new Category on

Kind of like the one I did for that Russell Crow Film.

A Synopsis Decode is when I read the Synopsis, Can’t be arsed watching the film
because the Synopsis stinks.

So we back to giving Mel Hell. Just the way that God likes it.

Hacksaw Ridge. US Army Medic. Questionable. Elements of both Plagiarism + Massive amounts of delusional bullshit.

Mel must have been Looking for work. Garfield England must have been trying to find a gig that would allow him to finally surpass the works of Heath Ledger and overcome his insecurity and jealousy of same said fellow. And they sold over to the cunning jew. Weaving a web of historical light lies.

Am I wrong? Am I wrong? Am I Wrong? If so, let the universe correct me.

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