Paradigm Shift 1: Shift From Simulation

So this is the first of a number of new features I am trying to both announce and utilise. Paradigm shifts are just when we provide you with an updated Paradigm. In masonry when they say “Raise you to a higher lodge” – Forget all the regalia and junk. Really that means raise your being to a higher understanding or a higher place.

I won’t be using these often, it sounds big right. A Paradigm shift is meant to mean a big consciousness shift. So presumably I will only be able to deliver so many.

Anyways, i’m going to break this up into 2 x posts. Shift From. Shift to.

In Paradigm Shift 1. Shift From is Shift From Simulation.

Simulation is a bunch of junk. As a theory or concept its a bunch of shit. In application its just a bunch of Jew Swine utilising their jew pig rape tech. So, you heard it from me first. Well. Maybe not. You do not live in a Simulation. Now hold tight. A Day or two. I will give you the paradigm shift to. Something New.

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