911 Was An Inside Job

911 Was An inside Job

Your commander in chief don’t run a mothafuckin thing. You don’t get to see the king. Just the puppets on a string. Stone Masters skilled at craft carved and built Artist guild – Spartan heart and a tartan kilt. No strings attached, mind control puppetry powers. Kings of tact and influence from up in the towers.… Continue reading 911 Was An Inside Job

Consciousness is Binary

Consciousness is Binary

In the blue glow of gizmosLurk despots in diapersAnd cyborgs with bullhornsAnd crackpots and snipersLike robots so coldWith such ease they dismiss youSooner fuck you then kiss youSooner kick you and diss youThey got networks like insectsWith webs of deceptionThey’ll trap you, cocoon youLike a department of correctionsThey come in all colorsAll sexes and creedsThey… Continue reading Consciousness is Binary

Tim Cook HIV/AIDS – We’ve Made It Red So That It Matches Your Cloak.

Tim Cook Red Cloak Apple

Imagine, you are at the party. You need to take a call. Take a snap. Send a message. And you pull out a blue phone. What are people going to say? So We’ve Made it Red. So that it matches your cloak.