The Situation.


The situation is pretty dire. They’re here to take our Holy Empire. Our ancient craft has been defiled. I know exactly how this lodge was tyled. With Jews pushing their fraud and vice.And acts of human sacrifice. Their modus op is hella dodge.To serve you up a bunch of stodgeCooked up in their Masonic LodgeTo give your brain a jolly… Continue reading The Situation.

Modern Freemasonry Is a Dummy Factory.

Modern Freemasonry

This is a quote ….or a near enough quote from Greg Hallett, and if you observe the practice of most people supposedly involved in Masonry in Australia it is a shit show. Lying through their teeth, propping up corporate fraud, and deception. If someone tells you they are a Mason, it means nothing. You know… Continue reading Modern Freemasonry Is a Dummy Factory.

Jewish Crimes. Jewish Criminals.

Jewish Crimes, Jewish Criminals

For the coming months on our professional media work we are covering Jewish Crimes by Jewish Criminals. Hot off the back of our Pharma.TV article…Are Jewish Pharmaceutical Billionaires Faking their own deaths to escape accountability? We are set to broach a range of new stories including – Are Jewish Bankers trying to turn Australian Women… Continue reading Jewish Crimes. Jewish Criminals.

The Grip Of A Digital Craft

Grip of a Digital Craft

For Craftpersons who love pushing pixels, strictly above the vector.  Did you know our court of light judgement against last generations Masonic order set the reset for the practice of Masonry on earth. We encourage all citizens to leave bricks and mortar lodges and cease payments of dues to masonic bodies. The payment of Masonic… Continue reading The Grip Of A Digital Craft

You Have Been Elevated to the Sublime Degree of Muppet Mason

Muppet Mason

For your works in the field of gender realignment deassignment reversal correction rebuild surgery. You have been elevated to the Sublime degree of Muppet Mason. This degree has been conferred to you by the Grand high council of the ancient and accepted rite of freemasonry. Washington, D.C. Original Post FEBRUARY 14 2019 

United in Corruption.

United in Corruption

Lucy, I do not wish to take any more calls from your organisation or associates of your organisation either Trying to get me compliant with the state of Israel, or threatening our reputation. I suggest you learn to mind your own business by minding your own business. Your track record is fishy sweet heart. You… Continue reading United in Corruption.

Heaven On Earth

Heaven On Earth

The Long Winter Has Broken.  And people from all across the lands of earth have been called to spill their blood over their intent, and confirm their intention to bring forward heaven on earth.  The Long Winter Has Broken. And the souls of those in positions of leadership of humanity have been weighed.  The Long… Continue reading Heaven On Earth