The first thing we are doing when launching Decoded light is migrating a lot of our Old Instagram posts. That means as we launch we

Fuck Yo Market Cap Motherfuckers. You think you going to make me crumble? You think you gonna see me fly to Africa like Chappelle did

Dear Friends, We have received formal confirmation from numerous sources that Cannabis has become legal in Australia. The call for global decriminalisation of drugs will mean

Your commander in chief don’t run a mothafuckin thing. You don’t get to see the king. Just the puppets on a string. Stone Masters skilled

In the blue glow of gizmosLurk despots in diapersAnd cyborgs with bullhornsAnd crackpots and snipersLike robots so coldWith such ease they dismiss youSooner fuck you

Oh Brother!  Credit to for the sexy Lucy Image.