The Long Winter Has Broken

And people from all across the lands of earth have been called forward to spill their blood over their divine intent and confirm their intention to bring forward heaven on earth. The long winter has broken and the souls entrusted with leadership of humanity have been weighed. The long winter has broken and those entrusted with the leadership of humanity HAVE NOT PASSED THEIR JUDGEMENT.

Peeling back the layers of Encoding.

This is yet another rolling post to help people with the layers of decoding and how you can improve your decoding skills.

Here we are keeping a list of the different tools and layers with which media is encoded. By strengthening your knowledge and focus on all of these areas you can improve your decoding abilities. We may pad these points out with explanations in time.

– Mythological Referencing
– Historical Referencing
– Word Etymology
– Name Etymology
– Colour Encoding
– Letter Level Encoding
– Masonic Symbology Encoding
– Numerological Encoding

The Saturn List – Things That Symbolise Saturn

Does it ever Amaze you how many things Symbolise Saturn?

Well this is the Saturn List. Here we are going to try and keep for you (and Me) all of those things and as time goes it will grow. For your Decoding convenience. Enjoy.




Nike Logo

More to come soon.

You Need to Gain the Favor of Your Gods.

You need to Gain the Favor of your gods you FILTHY Motherfucker.
You went to HSBC Didn’t you you STUPID MOTHERFUCKER. You went to HSBC and you thought that HSBC were going to save you. HSBC Ain’t going to save you you STUPID MOTHERFUCKER. You need to spill your BLOOD. Over your fucking Intent. And post it to the Ether Webs. You need to Gain the Favour of your gods you fuckin low born swine. Like my old friends used to say when we were kickin it back in Hickuptah. If you don’t gain the favour of your gods. They’re going to take away your Boat. And when the Gods take away your Boat. There’s no getting it back. And then you’re going to be stuck. With no Boat. And No Spiritual Currency. And you don’t want to be stuck. With No Boat. And No Spiritual Currency. Not with these floods coming. You need to gain the favor of your gods you filthy fuckin low born fuckin heathen fuckin swine. Because the book of life is being written every moment of every day, and one day you are going to wonder if you have been included.