Why I have a preference for Natural Light

If I had to sit here and list my favourite Movie, probably some people could guess. But one things I see as a common theme is a Natural Light feel. I just love when people pull off an exciting film that is Natural.

So if you look at:
Being There

I consider that film to be spiritually sublime. Thats exciting to me. How you can just take human interaction and create something magical.

If you really think about it, isn’t that the ultimate goal? That we as humans can be able to use our hands to arrange human affairs in a magical beautiful way.

Another film. I don’t love it. In fact watching it always challenges me, I don’t want to sit there and watch the whole thing.

But Barry Lyndon, The light is just simple and natural and amazing.

But Comparing that, when I travelled through Nepal, Tibet Even Thailand I just shot these really simple travel docos. Kind of Boring, I could have been more adventurous with theme. But at the end of the day, what matters to me now is being able to look over that light with new eyes. I can still learn so many things. New things, by looking back over that old trip. At the very least the light I captured during that trip is amazing.

So as I look to explore new movies, Thats what I hope to find. I just tried to watch avengers. Challenging. I don’t think I am going to bother trying to labor through star wars. Its like when I was stuck in Sydney Office Jobs under fluro lights. I was just like “Man Im not gonna be stuck here long. Im gonna split pretty soon.” I think Young directors should challenge themselves. You could spend 1K on a camera these days and create magic with just that and humans & atmosphere. That is a true mark of a creator. Do you see gods light well enough that you can command it? The VFX thing is overdone.

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