What is the First Light?

I don’t know exactly but here is a Guess.

I guess it is relating to light or consciousness experiences that you have when you enter higher states of spiritual awakening. Maybe these are changes to your consciousness abilities as you begin to enter spirit.

Where is it referenced?

At First Light – Jason The Stoner.
The Man Who would be King.
+ other Movies.
I will add them as I find them.

There are some that I won’t reference because they are garbage. It’s like the 3rd eye. Ralph Smart references it on youtube. So everyone probably thinks they know what it is / does. I once had an Aunty sit at dinner with me. And tell me She didn’t like cannabis. Indigenous people should be jailed for it. And that she was practicing mindfullness. Sure you are darl. So there are a lot of movies that use ‘first light’ but probably know nothing of what it is. They use it as an unconscious political manipulation tool. But its a real thing. This picture I posted was inspired by one of by meditation first light experiences. I get a lot of them now when I look at the stars. Light trails and different consciousness experiences.

I first heard about the concept of First light from the movie ‘At first light’ – and then caught the reference when studying ‘the man who would be king’ – that second film is a deep masonic film – so this concept of first light is obviously known and real.

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