Things that you can call me that may or may not cause offence.

I was explaining to some worm on youtube a while back.

I have a lot of names. Not as many names as the bad guy has. He has a lot of names. But me. I still have a lot of names also. Just not as many as him.

One of my first nicknames. This is a sad story. Im sure just as soon as I tell it. Americas Freemasonic Brotherhood of shitbags will begin encoding mockery in the light from the get go. But anyways when I was young I used to be a Bulletin Board guy. Thats like internet bulletin boards on a dialup modem. Yeah Yeah. Geeky as fuck I know. But My first nickname was Smoke Dawg (Smokey). Yeah i’ve been hitting the herbal from way back.

So these are some of the things that you can call me.

It may go well for you. It may not. It’s like one of those big Masonic Mysteries. You know the ones where you have to figure out what the names
of your Gods are. Like Jehhova. Good Or Evil? Any Clue?

You Limitedly Coordinated fucks are going to need to learn how to speak to me. When to speak to me. What to call me. And when to call me that. I don’t hold out much hope that you will get it right. But anyway. Here are some of the names.

Stuart (Good Starting Point)
Stu (That is a shortened version of Stuart)
Stu.2 (Stu Upgraded)
Smoke Dawg (Smokey)(Long Deprecated. This will not be much good to you)
The Real Pretender. (No point in pretending unless you keepin it real)
The Protector of The Bananas. (Best of Luck)
His Holiness. (You’d do well with this one.)
Stuart Christian
Stuart the Christian
Stu Man
Stuart Manion.
Stuart DAMinion
Stuart DOMinion
King Stuey The Great (Sun King)
The King of A Million Pictures.
The King of Light.
The King of the 5th Age.
The King of the Northern Tribes.
The Master Teacher (Getting close now.)
Saturn Jack Flash (Don’t Go Calling me that. Unless I Go Busting into an Ikea with a backwards assembly plan.)
Jacob (Pleased to meet you. )

This is another one of my work in project lists guys. More coming soon. I have to go back in memory and bring some of my names back. Apologies. Fri Night.

I have to Clarify the Master Teacher. Because I know yall Are going to tell me Jesus taught not to call yourself a Master. Im not doing that. This is how it works. You know how those muppet masons throw a Bunch of CC’s and 33’s into everything they write or create. Well I catch them all. And I play with them. I Vibe with them all. And then I embody the spirit of the Master Teacher. Because Im big Enough to think like that. And then when I lay down my work, that is the spirit I try to embody. A great Teacher. I hope that you can understand.

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