Rising Appalachia – On The Commonality of Cursing and Hexing in Modern Music.

Break The Curse on Thee with the Curse they put on Me
Break The Curse on Thee with the Curse they put on Me

The Freemasonic Cursing with Rising Appalachia Starts with the name. You have the R before the A. The R is the 18. Three 6’s. And the A is the Divine. Easy to see and easy to fix.

As the Story Goes. King James sent certain segments of the Scottish population to Northern Ireland and gave them farms to settle. Those Scottish people Interbread with the Irish and became Scotch Irish. As that part of the world Encountered famine these Scotch Irish migrated to what they called the new world and settled in the Appalachian Mountains.

The band Rising Applachia are from Atlanta. But had a connection to the Applachian Mountains from their Childhood. And therefore their music takes on a lot of elements of the old style.

Impressing on all parties involved the importance of understanding why cursing and hexing for accomplishment of nefarious ends is a problem is simple. Traditionally amongst our people those involved in the casting of sinister spells against us have been executed. Cold hard. But True.

So the implication in the name of Rising Appalachia is that you are putting Base first. You are not in touch with your divine holiness and some American Masonic Magicians have bamboozled you. And as you go through their music presumably there will be more biblical masonic mockery.

But this cursing and hexing in music works in mysterious ways. And you can’t always just jump to conclusions. You don’t always know peoples levels of consciousness. So people in areas of life such as music where they will be surrounded by creative workers, film crews etc….you don’t actually always know if the musicians know the meaning of what they are creating in its totality. Many people may not understand the meaning of masonic colour coding until later in life, many may never understand it.

And people in the music business are like any other industry, they enter contracts, they have to meet targets, they get exploited. To escape such scenarios and take complete creative control takes many artists many years. Through all of this growth stage when you are trying to get control of your commercials, of your ‘product’ you are subject to nefarious influence seeping into your work.

I like Rising Appalachia’s Music. I don’t care if when I listen to it Steaming Orange fluid gushes from mountains on remote Italian islands. I don’t think a lot of their tracks have evil intent. There is something soothing to my soul listening to that old style of acoustic music of our people.

Hoodoo Hex Doll with Freemasonic Orange and Purple Colour Coding – SUNU

To all aspiring Masonic Magicians and Magical workers out there. I’ll throw you a clue. You are not bamboozling us and casting us under a spell. As you learn your craft you would be well served in using it to open gates toward positivity. Open Gates towards light. There is magical value in Music. That Magical value is so often used to manipulate us toward the wrong ends. But the way we should use it is as an uplifting force. That is what I feel when I listen to Most of Rising Appalachia’s music. Where the hexing and Hoodoo comes it, I don’t quite comprehend and I don’t understand what the people behind it are trying to achieve.

As our people progress in this new century we don’t just need new commercial models, new ways of living, new ways of thinking. We need
new artists and new music.

We have just been through a generation of Babylonian Bullshit in music. We are not going to buy another generation of Babylonian Bullshit. We expect better. Rising Appalachia have all the potential to be an entirely uplifting force in music.

So let’s hope as the century progresses and we pass through the Magic Mirror that Rising Appalachia become Appalachia Rising.

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