Mo Top Secret Shit. Australia Etymology.

You guys have been getting a lot of top secret shit today. Lucky. I might not be so nice for a while.

Ive been contemplating on the name of Australia.

I think the standard fair on that is something like there is a Latin word Australis that means Southern Land. I don’t know if I know what A true map of the earth looks like. So I don’t know if we are in a southern land.

But I liked this proposition from a video blogger called something like beyond the veil. Is it Cullen Smith or something? In Australia we call them the Panty Prophets. He proposed that Australia originates from sanskrit. I think he proposed that the meaning of the word was ‘Land of Missiles’. Referring to the sight to the stars shooting through the sky

I cant really confirm that and can’t find any solid connecting word.

But look at it this way.

We know the word Astral. Thats kind of a reference to higher light.
And there is a Sanskrit word Alaya meaning something like House. Wow!!!!

Astral Alaya. I can see how this could become Australia. Over 40,000 years and a bunch of XXXX’s

We are in the Astral House. So Astral is “Star” in Latin and we can also use that term to describe lights similar to the Aurora.
But lets just kind of say “Star Lights”.

So is Australia the House Of Star Lights? Are we in the star light house?

We in Australia may in some way be on a higher geographical plane. A higher light plane. As I proposed I expect or suggest that nations like Israel are literally part of a punishment plane or a sin plane.

On the indigenous people when I contemplate on their origins I feel as they would have travelled by boat and foot from what we call the sub continent. Areas such as Northern India. So Sanskrit words travelling this way is not strange. The leaders of empires have been fascinated by the spiritual traditions of those regions. Kubrick used Vedic concepts in His films. I can’t wait to get into that stuff.

So if you want me to give this babble some context as to what is happening in the world now. Lots of Australians are deeply connected to the Sin Plane. All of our politicians answer to Israel. This speaks of great folly of our mens leadership. Great historical folly.

But all of these commercial forces connected to the lower planes have been trying to get their piece of the star house. What they don’t know is that they are literally fighting against the light dimensions. The Forces of the universe. If you play with them right they might fuck with you. But they don’t and they won’t and they don’t even want to think that deeply.

If you want more exploration of these concepts Id recommend exploring a channel called Enslaved By No Media. I haven’t seen it in ages. He does amazing conspiracy stuff on what you might call dimension deception. Have a look. He’s a clever boy.

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