Ive been meaning to do something or say something about this. I heard a story that the Actress that played Lolita Passed Recently.

I was really sad to hear that even up until late in life she felt that that film had destroyed her. Sure it is a film that was never well understood. But I can’t express well enough just how special that film is.

I don’t blame a man like Kubrick for not holding her hand all the way through life. Unfortunately Men like Kubrick not just by choice but circumstance Run through life with little time to guide people every step of the way.

There were many actors who just never grasped what they were a part of with Kubrick Films. I would encourage people think very deeply about the meaning of symbols and words and as soon as you start working in media be selective of what you play with.

Anyways if she did really pass she should have been proud to be part of some of the greatest film work our Generation received. She was unfortunately part of work that is understood and appreciated between generations. Not of just that one generation.

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