Jason Stoner – @ 1st Light.

One thing I really appreciate being able to do in my work is to get across as many other peoples good work as I can. It would be vein for be to only pull out stuff that references me. That type of film is something that I never really expected in my life. Anyways I got to a point where I was sick to fuckin death of pulling out minions references. But I do have to figure out what people are encoding about me and respond.

But there are heaps of films that compel me. Some I really want to go back and spend the time decoding.
I decode the whole bit. Light. Sound. Actors. Names. Numbers. Residential Addresses. Ok usually not that deep. You are safe Jason. Doors locked brother. Inside.

So they reckon Jason Stone comes from South Africa. While we are on the subject of Cunts. South Africans. Cunts. Most of em. Its like on the 11th Day God created J-Burg and sent all the cunts there for safe keeping. So is Jason Stoner A SA Cunt Who has broken into Canada to work tranny cult evil doings? They Surely got him posing for victory to the black white world. Is Jason stone a Moon faced Muppet Mason Saturn Cult Tranny working in the service of Saturn? They been known to fabricate tranny troopers in SA we know.

Anyways Jason is on the run in Canada and on the back of the strength of At First Light we have stuck him between a pair of red pillars. And Rubbed a big fuckin maple leaf in his face. Its an ancient tradition of the original inhabitants of those lands. Not really. But I think he deserves it for that film.

5 years prod? Thats work.

Some light just pulls me in. And this film I just kept going back to study it. What are they saying? Is it a nice message? Because Kubrick’s stuff is so intensely encoded he put depth into beautiful structured light. But some films I think have a softer light. Ill coin a term. Soft Spirituality. I believe in soft spirituality that it contains something that the cold rational world we live in today is trying to destroy. I would still give Darryl Ankar (Bashar) The time of day. Using my sun dial. And Astrolabe. I would still Give Barbra Marciniack Ear Time. What people don’t understand is that sometimes people need to front with quackery to protect themselves and then deliver spiritual truths. Yes telling people you are channeling messages from aliens in the Pleiades does give you some degree of protection because most men will leave you alone as a quack. But you can still get your message out.

You notice I use heaps of soft words like.

Thats because we been driving around in that Dodge RAM. And those Americans didn’t even put power steering in the Bitch. These soft spiritual words. That soft spiritual light is the power steering. It will help us guide the spirit of earth not only to a deeper place but a more precise place. A more precise place that will allow many more trees to blossom in God’s Garden.

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