Despicable Me creators linked to acts of child abuse and political corruption in Australia.

In a lot of my works I am referencing Despicable me characters. Given that they are representing me, I think at this point I need to say I have no association with the creators of this series. I actually watched it for years before knowing they were referencing me. I have really only started decoding it with me in the frame over the past few weeks.

Through the decoding of those works I have uncovered references to coordinated acts that may in the future be known as child abuse. For that reason I need to make it explicitly clear that I have no association with the production of that work but use the characters in my own work to counter some of the depictions Despicable Me creators make.

I will not go into detail about what I am decoding from those works now. Minions is just like anything else. It is a trend. We connect this work to our court of light judgement and we believe that the people running shows like minions are the people that we judged in the court of light. They want to drive a vehicle of power, but they won’t invest the effort to ensure historical wrongs are corrected. Universal is another Jewish corporation now connected to deep occult crimes on earth. We will flesh these decodes out in more depth in the future.

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