Decoding is Losing its Shine.

It’s funny, Im finding my Decoding skills are so strong Im just not buying a lot of new films. Light is a complex beast. In many ways the greatest truths occupy the light.

Kubrick did this magical Job of fitting the secrets of today in the context of the last 1000 years. It’s just magic the wisdom you can get from those films.

Decoding is a nice way to learn, if the material is there. There is not a lot of great material out there.

Some of the new stuff i’m studying, even from great producers is just like Meh……

I guess what I said about budget the other day matters. I think a lot of film bods wind up in meetings sucking jew pig dick for budget. But when you work with my attitude I just output. What the truth is is that the last generation cant keep up with our consciousness energy and their ‘Sorcery’ is failing.

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