Acknowledging Other Peoples Influence in Kubrick’s Work and Life.

So I have been studying The Man Who Would Be King.

I have actually been for a few years now. But when I like a film Ill watch it, Give it 6 months and then go back again.

Something occurred to me a few days ago through studying that film.

Kubrick must have seen it during his journey and said to him self. “OH MY GOD. I NEED TO PICK MY SHIT UP.” Really I think that is what would have happened. He would have just been watching these films and gone “OH MY GOD THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE MUCH SMATER THAN ME WATCHING.”

Its ironic because thats the exact effect Kubrick had on my life. I said “Shining is my family name, Robertson. These people were much brighter than me. I really need to Pick my shit up and quickly.”

I did apologise to people for the quality of my work a few years back. But what happened in my life is I decided to spend about a decade in Asia. That was a valuable experience and studying the funny characters and symbols of others language is a great experience. But you do slip on your own peoples cultural heritage. Thats what happened to me. When I lived in England I didn’t give a fuck about masonry.  I was so head buried in my own work with a passion I just only cared about that. Same as a lot of my time in Asia. Only caring about my experience.

But then coming back to Australia you are dealing with a different light, people that are familiar with our cultural practices. I had to play catch up.

隣の客はよく柿食う客だ (tonari no kyaku wa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da)….Was not going to get me far dealing with the occult masonic forces operating in my own nation. I had to hunker down and study on me black mirror box.

Thats all I just wanted to say that now I am hoping to burry deeper into film and producers who actually probably made Stanley Pull his own britches up and sharpen up his own cue-man ship.

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