A break in the light is a break in the spell. There is something about Mummy.

When you are decoding light you are searching for truth. When we go on to talking about the importance of Etymology in Decoding, this will make more sense. But a great film or a great book should be a map or a guide to the truth. The truth of our present reality or the truth about what is happening in the current moment.

One of the films I have been decoding recently is the Mummy from 2017. It is a nice movie to decode, lots of hidden concepts, lots of references to old Egyptian Mythology. In some ways it I think it is designed to be a follow on from Eyes Wide Shut.

But despite the fact that I like it, early I spotted a break in the light. Where you just start going “I don’t believe you”.

The Mummy is introduced with the concept of Blood Magic. If you followed Blood Over Intent on Youtube you will know what this is about. Even on youtube people would debate if BOI is good or bad or evil or what not.

In the Mummy they clearly take a position that the Blood Spell is making a bond with Evil. When if you study your bible, you will find lots of references to Blood. So that was a breaker for me, I still decode it but in many ways these things break the spell. Hundreds of Millions of Dollars were spent on the Mummy. They don’t spend that much money on films for fun, they are used as tools of persuasion and influence. Breaking the Spell is an important skill to develop yourself, to break from the influence of a film or music. Music in particular is prone to having people working all kinds of Magic against you. Cultivating your mind so that you can ingest media and enjoy it but not be completely under its influence is important for decoding but more so for your life choices and direction.

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