Woof Woof

So I caught our Brother Alan on youtube lying to the future of our people about the nature of God, in fact deceiving about the name of god. UNHOLY. And then attempting to conceal it with a funny hand sign. Allow me to speculate. Funny hand signs do not excuse you from lies in Gods kingdom. I don’t know anywhere where it states “Thou shalt lie & deceive and then conceal such actions with the utilisation of an array of complex, intricate Freemasonic hand gestures.” A lot of people are going to find that out the hard way. Your hand signs don’t actually excuse you from much as you might hope. The way I treat hand signs is that I try and study what they mean. I try and connect them to tangible biblical knowledge. Don’t be complacent with practicing Masonry or Trusting people in masonic hierarchies. Develop your own relationship with the bible, do your own deep masonic Study and when you think you have learned, done, or sacraficed for something that matters. A Truth. A new Wisdom, a new learning a new insight. Communicate that masonically. Don’t be a Master funny hand grip master. Authentic experience and communication matters.

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