Why Trannies wear black and blue jackets.

I will use this photo again to explain why trannies wear black jackets.

So this is really symbolising that they are dark on the inside based on the biblical line ‘If thine eye be single the body will be filled with light.’.

So people need to understand as soon as they decide to transgender they go against Gods will. And the key instrument in the spiritual guidance system we have is the pineal gland. So when you abuse hormones you are reversing Gods natural intent for that system (The Endocrine System). We probably don’t yet even know how damaging doing so is yet. But yeah just imagine making another one of your bodily organs do the opposite of Gods intention. Would you try that with your heart? Lungs. Probably not.

So fucking with your spiritual guidance system, the one system the bible is really about triggering or setting off is a big no no. And even actors like The Joker Actor who is winning a bunch of awards and stuff is still in a black tux. So despite the fact that people love their work, they are still considered to be in a place of darkness.  I can’t imagine transgendering makes it any easier coming out of that place.

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