Tonsai Trees

Im going to write a really long piece on this which I have found the topic for.

But for now Ive been contemplating on the topic of energetic diversion of sin and am going to introduce to our Christian Practice the concept of ‘Sin Palming’

So if someone Rides your D on something too hard. You can Palm that sin.

But just a just one for now. A little Sin Diversion.

You notice one of the ladies in the pic is wearing Purple Pants?

Purple Pants People!!!!!


I don’t even want to know what went down with them Canadian Ladies at the party in the room down stairs last night.

Im like the Holy men in Afghanistan. I just close my mind and eyes. Try my hardest not to think. I don not want to see the ‘Bad Thing’


Canadian Ladies.

Purple Pants People.

Enough Said.

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