Picture Teaching #1 – Holy / Unholy Cycles

This is a new format for decodedlight.com im calling picture teachings.

Its really just as simple as me wanting to teach a particular concept or thought to people using a picture I have created.

So if you look at the pattern on this tree. It is actually quite common and meaningful.

In fact it is a pattern that you will see on many nations flags isn’t it.

Two colours constraining another. I mean the pattern has a meaning that I commonly Decode.

But that is not what I am trying to convey in this picture teaching.

It is something that I learned through my study of the Bible.

I wish I could find the Exact Vs. I will one day and come back and amend the teaching.

I feel guilty when I reference the bible casually, but sometimes Im just sitting and studying the bible, I think ’That’s a really nice vs or really nice sentiment’.

Then I forget where I am studying from.

Well the sentiment I am trying to convey in this picture was from a vs that was trying to teach that the wise man know when it is his time to live and enjoy life and knows when it is his time to hand over control to someone else and prepare for his own retirement and death.

That as humans we should have the grace to know – Now Is my Time To Live Grow and Prosper. Now Is My Time To Retire and die.

What has happened to me in my life is a few month ago now it became perfectly apparent to me that there were people on this earth who were preparing me for my time to die. Me? Who me? Sexy Stuey? So young? So Bold? So Handsome?

Deeze foolz must be off their tits.

But from an energetic perspective. If you as a human and a man in your energy are just going forward to experience life, have a family, use your energy on your life’s great work. And everyone around you is fixing to make you dead. It is going to feel like there is a fairly big energy mismatch.

What this image is trying to teach you as a human is that our lives have stages. We are born unholy as in what don’t comprehend the operation of Gods realm. As we Become aware of our own being and the working of Gods realm, we open our eyes and we become holy. A healthy normally functioning man. Well these masonic colourings Are also applicable to the human flesh. So what colour does a bad beef steak turn when it is going rancid. Blue. Bad blood. So as we grow old and our flesh decomposes We become unholy once again preparing to pass. The truth may be that men can actually maintain complete holiness and strong consciousness faculties until death. I think some men may fade some men may pass from heart failure or some such thing instead of head failure. But some men may maintain a holy connection with Gods realm until death some actually fade away. So as we age is some respects we enter the blue phase once again.

And as these things happen, we as Christians aim to remain graceful to the situation.

What is happening to our generation is that our elders are ignorant enough that they are being forceful against our wishes to see old corruptions, old corrupt systems removed. They don’t understand the importance of fighting for holiness on the lands as a whole.

So thats what I wanted to get across with this teaching. We Grow like trees. And the Cycle is Unholy / Holy / Unholy.

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