Many Marks

Any Marks

I am not going to sit here spending my time explaining what my pictures are saying.

I know most of you probably just glance on them for 3 seconds and then go right back to
your telephone call with Lucinda.

But I have to explain this a bit for clarity because you tardos will go fuck it up.

Im not saying that Im about to eat Mexico. Or Eat mexicans. Its a place mat. There is a mexican place matt on Jimmys table.

—–>>There is a Place for Mexico @ Jimmys table<<—— as there is James’s.

There has always been a place for Mexicans at the table. Never been to school for writing but………

Except for that internet marketing prick Pedro. 100% Mexican.

If you shit heads want to know how I really feel just so I can go and fuck your petty politics right up.

This isn’t my sentiment. Nor emotion. Nor sympathy. Its just what I believe to be true through my study of history.

I believe that states like Texas and California are…in part Mexican land. Thats how I feel.

Hope that gives you a clearer picture.

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