Jobs in Japan

I thought Id add a small anecdote to this image as a bonus.

So if you think you Apple computer is private. You are mistaken. There is nothing private about them.

To be honest. I never really entertained illusions that they are. Im more interested in what I can output with them.

But this is something I decoded watching our local news. The news caster was reading about stuff that was coming straight from my Apple Notes App.

So as you type your notes on your iPhone, Apple Mac, Macbook Pro. The corporate world or Dead world. Treat all that as they own it.

Don’t delude yourself that anything you do on your computer is private.

One day you could be watching TV and find its an presenter mocking notes you have taken on your private device.

It is really scary stuff. This connects to America, Japan, Israel and China where a lot of these devices are made.

Ive got more decodes and stories about tracking tech on Apple Devices coming soon.

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