Golden Gates

A few nights ago. When I was deep in a late night meditation. I started saying to myself. ‘You have already passed through the gates of the golden lamb. You have already passed through the gates of the golden lamb’.

Well as it turns out. It wasn’t a Lamb. But that is not the point of this story.

When I was a youngster I used to like going on adventures. As a small boy I ventured deep into the bushland behind our family home.

Sometimes I would ask a neighbour to come on journeys with me. I usually got the response of ’No’, so it took until I was grown until I could Really get serious about adventuring.

When I was travelling in Asia, the Gates to enter Tibet were often closed. There was tension there and it wasn’t always easy to get in. And even When we did get through, it wasn’t certain we were going to make it to the capital.

I have spoken a bit about spiritual awakening and the Chakras. That internal body knowledge piece matters. But I also have this theory that Spiritual awakening is about passing through gates that exist on earth. I won’t run down a laundry list of gates I have passed through. But I have this gut feeling that one of the places important gates exist is in Colorado. I have never been there. I can just sense it. Anyways one of the places I feel is important is the mountains of Nepal and Tibet. And one of the places I felt I was going through gates is an Early morning in a land cruiser just entering Tibet as the altitude climbed we passed through this foggy terrain strewn with prayer flags. Very sublime atmosphere.

So don’t trip if you don’t have travel budgets. It’s about getting outside and letting your consciousness be part of the cosmos. Grow there, not into your X Box.

Anyway, that gates of the Golden Lamb. Or more rightly. The Golden Deer Gates. Deer have different connotations to Tibetan monks than they do your average Germano-Frenco-Norman-Scottish-Rite Free Gay Son. Thats one of the gates that I passed through. In fact I looked down on. I think I have lost all that video I shot in tibet which pains my soul.
But going on journeys, getting that spine up there and out there across the places and cultures of gods creation matters. Those journeys through the smaller cosmic gates is what allows you into the big gate long term.

So it feels to me like the light from this Golden Gate, is still only starting to come through. Gotta warn folks. Telling an Aussie that they are bringing too much sun is like warning a Tibetan about low oxygen environments. Familiar territory. We ain’t about to shy away from a little sunshine in Australia.

My general feeling is that the sun you folks are about to see in weeks and months to come, is like no sun you have ever seen before. I have already passed through the Golden Gates. And Many Other.

So drop the shit. And get yourself right and prepared. Because red stop lights and fuck boy games will do nothing to stop this sunshine.

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