Decoding the Despicable Me Cover

Despicable Me Cover

Despicable Me is created by dark cults that in my view shouldn’t even exist on earth. There this concept of dark vs light. Lets assume for a second that that is not the same thing as black vs white.

Well its my view that we have no place indulging in, experimenting with and surely not participating in darkness. There is darkness. It is for us to observe. It is not for us to create. Sometimes we do have to do darkness for the sake of goodness. But when you get to the point of assembling in cults to represent darkness. Now we are talking quackery. So lets decode the Despicable me Cover.

  • The Moon Symbolic of Babylon
  • There is your black Pyramid in the house
  • Eye Popping – They don’t want you to open your pineal gland
  • July 9th is an occult reference to unholiness (69) an occult number used to reference suppression of the holy blood.
  • Its funny to see Walt disney pictures on this cover. A Cult criminal that has still not faced trial for crimes in the last generation.
  • 3D gives you 12 which is often used to reference 66. A number the saturn Cults adore.

So thats the despicable me 1 cover. People who have given over service to dark cults. And they would have you believe that their darkness balances our light. We have already called out men in these dark cults for basically engaging in occult hospital murder. Thats how dark they go. And they believe this is Gnostic Masonry. Fucked in the brains. Every last one of them. We don’t indulge in the darkness. We understand it. It does exist. But it is not our job to stand in it with intent. It is not our job to fabricate it.

There is no such thing as black pyramids. Only cheap tricks.


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