A Small Cosmic Collision Memories from the past percolating. Jiddu, Theosophy & The Great White Brotherhood.

I have been having a lot of old memories coming up recently. It is almost like I travelled the world for a decade and needed another decade to process it.

I’m the type of person that develops obsessions. I just get obsessed with things and totally focused. Its one thing then the next. You should see how much pain I caused my Pops when I started getting obsessed with transinvestigation. And then pointing out just the trannies to him. It could have killed him by heart attack. He got so sick of hearing me talk about trannies. If you have worked with me in an office you probably went through some pain yourself.

Anyways in this post I will tell you about how such obsessions can influence your life long term. So on this blog if you look at the dedication I reference ‘The Great White Brotherhood.’. That is like a Spiritual body that some suggests exists and operates on earth in order to maybe defend purity. So that concept exists in my life now because Kubrick’s Work does and Kubrick’s work is very real for me and my family history.

That body the great white brotherhood, just think “Theosophy” – so a crude breakdown of that word is ‘God wisdom’ or ‘Religious Wisdom’.

But it is interesting that the same kind of Bodies influenced my life at a young age with no direct connection or influence in my life. When I was young I went through a Jiddu Krishnamurti stage. Can you believe my parents still think they got the bad one? A lot of families have to say things like ‘Our kids went through a heroin stage’ – not a Jiddu Krishnamurti Stage.

Jiddu Krishnamurti is like the modern history of Theosophy on earth. They say that he was selected for a high spiritual position and then turned it down saying he did not believe in formally structured organised religion. Probably a reasonable call. Krishnamurti Overlaps with some really interesting characters including Blavatsky and Leadbetter.

When I was young I studied Krishnamurti videos for hours on end. I think he was spiritual nourishment that I needed that maybe Australian media wasn’t providing.

So now in my life that body, that concept has gone from a distant Indian man teaching over the internet. Theosophy, the great white brotherhood it is a real concept that exists in my life that I essentially commune with just by using their symbology in my work. Study them yourself and try. You might find something magical might happen. One of those pale miserable awkward Scottish people may drop out of the sky. Tilda Swinton might drop out of the clouds and serve you up some blood pudding for breakfast. Karen Gillan Is putting on her white gloves right now.

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