The Grip Of A Digital Craft

Grip of a Digital Craft
Grip of a Digital Craft

For Craftpersons who love pushing pixels, strictly above the vector. 

Did you know our court of light judgement against last generations Masonic order set the reset for the practice of Masonry on earth.

We encourage all citizens to leave bricks and mortar lodges and cease payments of dues to masonic bodies. The payment of Masonic dues will be used as a record of participation in crimes against humanity and we have called for England’s lodges to be turned into museums that record historic crimes within masonry.

We encourage citizens to initiate themselves into the lodge of light that god welcomes us all into. We will never require or request people who follow our masonic works to pay dues but instead use their own intuition to lend support to works that are good and nurturing to humanity.

We encourage people to return to the practice of the ‘Gentle Craft’ and none of our rituals will involve acts of degradation or violence. Additionally, our teachings around gender will never require or request people to take hormones to effect their gender properties or participate in surgery in return for some type of masonic progress. 

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