Mynzah Osiris

I did a small project with Mynzah probably a couple of Years ago now.

Im super impressed with how his Art has come along. Some of his early stuff looks amateurish but doesn’t mine also? But some of his new stuff is looking really sharp. I still don’t call my work art. I call it ‘Picture Making’.
I have though recently decided to do some blogging / exploration of CGA (Computer Generated Art.)

When I worked with Mynzah I got across him telling a story about how he always taught his children to be ultra competitive. Compete for money. Compete for position. Etc Etc. Probably not bad in my view especially to survive in America. But then he said during his spiritual awakening he realised that that was the wrong thing to do. Sure probably in the larger spiritual perspective yes. Wrong thing to do.

Anyways as I heard that story I found myself saying to myself.
“Thats a lovely Story Mynzah”
“Isn’t that a sweet fuckin Story”
“Awww How fuckin cute.”
“Awww what a nice Story. What a sweet guy.”

Im going to kick his butt.

Yup. That was my first kind of feeling. I was like. When it comes to this picture making enterprise. Im going to Kick this Mynzah guys Butt.

So I let him slip on his non competitive angle. And I snuck up on him. And unleashed an artistic ass whooping.

How am I doing. Well I got him in output for sure. I think Im saying more also. But what Im really going to shake him down for and get to the bottom of. Is is he a curse cult kiddy? Or does he just need to sharpen up his Geometry game. Ill find out.

Ill close on some sentiments on the POP scenario. Sometimes I think folks focus too much on the Micropopsical scenario too much instead of the Macropopsical situation. But lets be real. I see you peoples Movie budgets. None of you people have anything to say to me about Buying you Pop. Selling you POP. or Serving you pop. All I have been given is a big fuck off box of POP. I’ve been good on the Macropopsical sense. When my days are done they’ll be speaking of the man who turned POP into wine. Im really sorry that people feel that way that it was ever my intention to short change people. It never is. If you work for me yeah I do try and get a lot, I try and push people. I don’t even mind finding good value on the talent market. But I have tried my best with the little that I have had.

Hold on second. Can you hear that. BEEEE DOOOO. BEEEEEE DOOOO. BEEEEE DOOOOO. What have we here. Metal Detector folks. Is that the Can or the Cutlery? Not sure. Mynzah has hit the Metal detector people. Its a negative read. Investigation required people.

Post Closed.

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