Old Blood.


I intend to bring forward heaven on earth.

I intend to release myself from all false contracts.

I intend to destroy all beings intentionally perpetuating false light.

I would like to thank the creator for all of the wisdom it bestows to me.

The long winter has broken.


I have brought forth the powers of the Christ.

What the fuck have you done? You stupid motherfucker.

You Need to Gain the Favor of Your Gods.

You need to Gain the Favor of your gods you FILTHY Motherfucker.
You went to HSBC Didn’t you you STUPID MOTHERFUCKER. You went to HSBC and you thought that HSBC were going to save you. HSBC Ain’t going to save you you STUPID MOTHERFUCKER. You need to spill your BLOOD. Over your fucking Intent. And post it to the Ether Webs. You need to Gain the Favour of your gods you fuckin low born swine. Like my old friends used to say when we were kickin it back in Hickuptah. If you don’t gain the favour of your gods. They’re going to take away your Boat. And when the Gods take away your Boat. There’s no getting it back. And then you’re going to be stuck. With no Boat. And No Spiritual Currency. And you don’t want to be stuck. With No Boat. And No Spiritual Currency. Not with these floods coming. You need to gain the favor of your gods you filthy fuckin low born fuckin heathen fuckin swine. Because the book of life is being written every moment of every day, and one day you are going to wonder if you have been included.

A Gang Bang At The Cunt Tree

We understand. You’ve found out that all your life you have been fed a lie. Whilst the world’s elite spent their days indulging themselves in Luxury and excess and giving nothing back, you spent all of your days working hard and thinking honesty was the path. You paid all of your taxes and spent the rest of your savings on Apollo 11 memorabilia. Life has passed you by and not a single orgy under your belt. Oh Well. But don’t lament now. There is a Gentleman named QuasiLuminous who is arranging a little Soiree. A gang bang if you will. But this is not being held at some tacky Rothschild mansion. This is a Gang Bang @ the Cunt Tree. Of course if you choose to attend you are expected to have the highest standards in personal hygiene. But superficialities alone will not be enough to get you to this event. If you are going to make it, the content of your character will matter. You will be judged not only by your looks, but also by your works. So if you plan on attending, the time for preparation is now. QuasiLuminous will assist with directions but you are ultimately responsible for finding your own way. After all, the man is but QuasiLuminous. So we hope you intend on joining. For a gang bang at the cunt tree. A gathering at the holiest of holies.
Orig Post FEBRUARY 21, 2017

Elon Musk is Still not going to save you.

Elon musk is going to keep speaking shit about Mars. Elon Musk is going to make funny Vagina Symbols with his hands. Elon Musk is going to warn you about Artificial Intelligence while heavily investing in it. Elon musk is guiding you through pillars toward conflict. That’s what he’s doing. You don’t want to go to Mars. You want to get on that Mary and stop over at Venus. Then you want to make a quick stopover at daath. Then you want to hit that Kether. That’s what you really want. Trust me on this. Motherfuck Mars. Elon Musk is little more than a Big frickin Scrotum. You don’t have to like it. Elon Musk is not going to save you. You need to save yourself.