100% Compliant

For the record let it be known that this shifty motherfucker. Remained 100% Compliant. Nice Crossed arms black cube boy. When he is not filtering social communications, he is part of australis genocidal criminal finance establishment.  Soon we will be publishing an article on the Mafia of criminals that control online payments in Australia and making suggestions of how you can avoid dealing with these people.

CEX Coffs Harbour – We Bow Down to Paedophile War Criminals

One thing I have learned in my own journey is that the youth do not owe the elderly any respect If they do not conduct themselves respectably in their own lives. 

Too many people in our nation bow down to Paedophile war criminals. How can we be expected to continue to pay taxes and participate in society when the leaders we pay to are known war criminals? How should we feel when the media in this country continue to feature images of families who are known to have hunted children on horse back? “We Bow Down to Paedophile War Criminals” is sponsored by your local CEX Coffs Harbour. It’s A Fuckin Tip. And you guessed it. We bow down to paedophile war criminals. 

CEX Your members are disrespectful, slothenly unconscious pigs who have nothing better going for them than the prospect of winning a meat tray. If you actually stood for anything, you’d be focused on the same thing as us. Having War criminals that seem to run around with impunity tried and incarcerated. But you won’t do that. Because you don’t stand for shit. If you think we’re about to get anymore graceful in our communications on this matter. You’re mistaken. We’re not going to let Australia be hijacked by Police State, War Criminal Mafioso. We’re going to keep screaming out loud. You send a message to your members and let them know to watch how they conduct themselves in this town. Because we don’t bow down to Paedophile war criminals. Never Have. Never will. Cex Coffs Harbour. It’s a Fuckin Tip

A little Nobility

It’s time for a little Nobility. People from all across the lands of earth have been called to spill their blood over their divine intent and confirm their intention to bring forward heaven on Earth. We are returning to Eden. We are selling up our shares of inland oil. To make things a little easier for Eve when we’re gone. But we’re not resting at Quasi Luminous, we are becoming fully luminous. Just one little drop then Splat. Elijah would be cool with that. So as these words connect with the light. May a new generation of Nobility arise all across earth and replace deceivers who we can see with clarity have not conducted their affairs on earth with the right level of struggle, decency or care. This is not your new world order. This is an old world re-ordering. The long winter has broken and the breezes of the four great winds are bringing change to the hearts and minds of the people. We’ll always stand for the things that matter. So may God arise. And Evil Scatter.

The Three Initiatives

The Three Initiatives.

The court of light has begun its work outlining crimes against humanity undertaken by the government, banks, nobility figures and the masonic order. We expect the outcome of our works will be the extension of prosecution through citizen tribunals with the ultimate goal being the dissolution of criminal corporate bodies and reparations going to victims of crimes against humanity. We will continue relying on leadership and guidance from other tribunals who have already begun this work in the lands of Europe and Canada. 

Banking – We have recently begun developing our own banking infrastructure that we will use in trading interactions with select individuals and groups that we intend to engage in trade with. This is a long term initiative but our work here has begun. 

Medicine – We intend to remain a leader in herbal and cannabis medicine and aim to continue to oversee the conduct of medical institutions in Australia and abroad and ensure the primary focus of all institutions is the healing of individuals in their care. As should have always been the case. 
We have another two more major initiatives to announce soon but can not announce them in this message. That would make it 5 initiatives. You can’t have 5. Its always 3. Always has been.

OCTOBER 9, 2017

The Long Winter Has Broken

And people from all across the lands of earth have been called to spill their blood over their intent and confirm their intention to bring forward heaven on earth. The long Winter Has Broken and the souls of those entrusted with leadership of humanity have been weighed. The long winter has broken and those entrusted with leadership of humanity Have Not. Passed. Their. Judgement.