Jew Pig Game

You Should see How I get My Pops High.


None of this Jew Pig Fuckery.

Helicopters at End Times.

Sounds Like the Fuckin Jumanji Curse.

I seem to be able to get them fighting fit.

And every time they Go out to meet you psychos.

Fuckery. Stupidity.

Kobe Bryant Flies Helicopter Dickheads.

The Only People who Fly Helicopters in Australia
Shoot Kangaroos, Hunt Herb Plants, Or Are Homosexual and do Traffic Reports.

A Bad Oman For PB Shemran

So I just tried to sit and watch the Prostitute and The Jewish Mental Health Practitioner Patient with Moms and Pops.

Pops couldn’t get through it. Right at the Gate Scence. A Stop was called. Films were changed.

Ouch. I think Im going to have issues with that scene too when I get to the Bottom of it.

Surely An Oman. An Old Scottish Spirit Channeling Its workings through my grumpy old Pops.

It’s Still Mabo.

In Our Christian European Culture, we say when people pass we respect their Peace.

I don’t know what they say as Torres Strait Islanders.

However, I just scan these stories and see the numbers. It freaks me out a bit.

I don’t know the truth about Mabo’s medical treatment. But I bet he visited a few dentists in his time.

So they criticise my credentials to participate in Judgement. Who me? The sun of Dan? So here I go.
Closing Cases. Opening Them. Like it Ain’t no thing.

Just interesting. General convo. Seems like a young age to pass.

Im Sure Eddie wouldn’t mind his people and us contemplating on the care and consideration of Indigenous Men
who don’t have all the occult wisdom of Europeans especially during times where land and rights claims are being made.

NRL Checking the Current Score.

All medical practitioners that are associated with the NRL, and have been involved with

– Giving advice on the implications to the brain function after long term participation
– Participating in the prescription of or advising on Hormone Use for performance enhancement or Gender quality alteration

Need to be deeply investigated and separated from the mainstream medical arena.

If I was a business that wished to continue operating in Australia, I would withdraw all funds from this area of sport for the coming years. Activities like gambling on football will be prohibited for a time, as those corporations many operated out of the UK will be rendered criminal corporations in this Nation.

That M M Magick Stick – Our First First Scan Decode.

So this is a new format yet again on Decoded Light.

See i’m bringing more Hermes Than Orange Cat England Himself.

Anyways, I watch a new film I decide within the first 15 mins if Im gonna get the whole way through.

US Army Surgeons and Medics, Usually a fairly bad start. Got through this film all the way and that was the first scan. The Prostitute and the Jewish Mental Health Practitioner Client.

25 Mil Budget? Dat Makes Sense. Keep in mind boys. Every time you drop 25 Mil on a new film.

You take away my bible study time. Im behind on that CJC work.

IT HAD BETTER BE GOOD. The only positive indicator may be your poor Box Office Performance.

More to come on this one.