Migrating Instagram

The first thing we are doing when launching Decoded light is migrating a lot of our Old Instagram posts. That means as we launch we will be about a 300 page website, which is more fun to work with than an empty one.

I’ve always believed in Digital Media that the most important button is the delete button. I haven’t deleted a lot of my old work and just left it up but as time goes by some of it belongs in the trash for sure. So I have deleted about 5% of My Instagram stuff and am bringing most of it here before I start a new stream of decodes. One thing I will say about my own work is I have never been into a Masonic Lodge. I have never taken Masonic secrets from people. Everything I have learned I have done by decoding myself. So when I go 12 months back a lot of my work is average. But anyone who learns these things themselves is bound to make mistakes and miss not only Masonic symbol meanings but also nuances.

The reason Masonic Lessons are going to be an important part of DecodedLight.Com is because one of the reasons I can know that there is corruption is Australian Masonry is that our main broadcast network ABC is entirely Masonic, but after watching it for 40 years have seen not a single masonic lesson. If the practice is being conducted on a particular medium, so must the teachings be. We have forgotten the importance of teaching and learning and many refuse to teach because they fear that giving others their wisdom will weaken them.

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