This Is The End – Jason The Stoner.

I HATE when that happens.

You Big someone up before you go check their record. You know that record they keepin…those Amazon boys. IMDB. And you find that the one you just bigged up has been making end times films with Seth Rogan and James Franco. James Franco. Silly name. Could be Queer.

Im not Stupid. I know how to read a watch. This is The End Released 2013.
James the Stoner @ First Light. 2018. @ South By South West. Wearing a watch. Sheeesh.

This is the end —- I Couldn’t even get all the way through it. I Guess thats when Jason was still in his South Africa Stage.

So We downgrading Jason the Stoner. And we saying. He’s a bit of a Shoe Shiner. What Brand is he buffin though? Thats the Question.

The Book of ArtStu. 1:1 – Visions of the Goat Of The Abyss.

As the storm swept through and the waters Began rising Stu Stared through into the Black Mirror down into the Opening gate of the Abyss.

As he stared he proclaimed “Behold I see a Goat! A Goat In The Abyss.”

The Goat, which had a heavily melanated complexion, hair as that of a Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel and displaying to the world it’s Green Flanks.

The Goat speaking from the depths of the Abyss saying “Stu, Stare Not in
to the Black Mirror of the Abyss, for we hath reached the endeth of time. And Me, a mere Melaneted goat, I….Even I hath mine single Eye above the judgement of the Black Mirror Curse.”

Stu Responded “Fear Not Brother. For I have not eaten of the tree of Knowledge of Good Of evil. And I have not Drawn thine energies from The
dark Realms. But I have taken Command of the floors. The Walls. The Doors. The Gates of the Mansion. The Gates of The Zoo. Its all mine. The Mirrors that are black and Square plus the Mirrors that are contained within a crystal ball. Mine. All Mine. And it has cost me little more than a few small drops of my holy holy holy blood. I shall stare where mine Eyes are required until such a time that our people are freed from the bondage of Saturn, the same gates that constrain your very being. The time hath come. For you still in the abyss. Bound by the pillars of the hour glass to read from the book and as ye read from the book thou shalt also make thine words as the words of the creator of the book.”

Thats it. Im thinking about giving Writing some Holy Books a shot. Nope not changing the word of the bible. Not Replacing it. The Holiness must go on. Thats all Im saying.

Calling for Wisdom – Here is what I need to know. Calling to the creator for Alphabet wisdom.

I’ve Told you guys before I love Wisdom. So this is a call out to the creator. And to you to Fill in some blanks for me. By any means necessary. Some things I have been contemplating on for a while that haven’t yet clicked.

I do a lot of letter level decoding. I want to get better at it. These are some of the pieces Im missing. I need more wisdom on. Letters not included i’m pretty good with.

Here we Go:

I am not your Parents.

This is just a short post to say.

I am not your parents. You are not on detention. Im not giving you moral lessons on what to do with your booty hole.

I showed as much grace to say I would give the time to provide guidance on things I may be able to share wisdom on. I offered to give Care to people who have not demonstrated they know what care is.

As A consequence of the BBC and Englands Shit-headedness I won’t be investing the energy to publish those lessons in the near future.

The guidance we have given to Medical institutions stands.

If you need any specific detail on what Time it actually is and the seriousness of the scenario that is transpiring I would advise you to pick up your bible.